Importance of Foot Scanning in the Diagnosis and Care of Diabetic Foot

People generally do not pay much attention to the way they walk or the pressure effects caused by improper gait. Uneven pressure distribution across the feet can lead to ulcers or wounds. This happens very commonly in patients with diabetes. To understand the distribution of pressure across the feet we need a device that can provide Static (Standing), Dynamic (Walking) and Posturographic Analysis (Oscillations, pressure, etc.) of the feet. Plantar Pressure Mapping or Pedobarography is a technique that assesses the distribution of plantar pressure, i.e., the pressure field that acts between the foot and the support surface, during everyday locomotor activities. Kody Medical Electronics, the leading foot scan supplier in India, offers two types of foot scans for the measurement of plantar pressure distribution:

1. Kodys PODO I MAT Manual 2. Foot Scan Harris Mat Based and Automatic Foot Scan Based (Amcube Footwork NEO, France).

Kodys PODO I MAT Manual Foot Scan Harris Mat-Based

The PODO i MAT system is the plantar pressure mapping technology. It provides information about the pressure distribution on foot and loading of the anatomical structures of the foot

Dynamic (walking) pressure characteristics are obtained by making the patient walk on a Harris Mat (a strong mat inside a silicone rubber sheet rubbed with violet pink). Abnormalities are then evaluated by scanning the impression and viewing it using image processing software.


The PODO i MAT system produces a high-resolution image of the plantar pressure distribution with multiple colours. Areas of high pressure are displayed in red and normal in green; slight or null contact areas are displayed in blue and white. This system is useful in identifying pressure ulcer areas, foot deformities, and gait disorders in a specific region of the foot and the pre-and post-surgical evaluation of foot disorders.

Automatic Foot Scan-Based (Amcube Footwork NEO, France)

Plantar pressure distribution is obtained using a 2704 calibrated capacitive sensor plate with foot pressure assessment software. This helps in diagnosing all kinds of foot abnormalities through analysis of static, Stabilo, 3D and elementary dynamics and time of contact abnormalities in a patient. A variety of reports can be obtained using this lightweight compact pedometer, which does not require any recalibration.


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