World’s First User Friendly Single Software for all Foot Care Test!!

Kodys Foot Clinik is a comprehensive software solution for Diabetes and Endocrine practice. It enables both individual practitioners and a network of clinics build longer relationships with their patients resulting in vast improvement in the quality of care offered. It assists care providers easily track and monitor in one sight.

Developed collaboratively with clinicians, specialists, information technologists and our existing key customers, the solution has been developed from the ground up with a key focus of meeting the unmet needs of healthcare professionals while minimizing the costs and resources required performing the tests.

By integrating and streamlining your hospital workflow, it allows you to increase patient volume without increasing staff. Integration of all application tasks reduces errors and increases productivity at all levels.

With more accurate capture and reporting of patient data, diagnosed tests can be analysed to avoid duplications, reduce cycle times and maximize the throughput of the clinic or hospital.  All this leads to improvement in the patient care.

We provide a solution for all foot care tests in single screen. Six applications ABI & TBI Doppler, Biothezi VPT, Podo I mat, Podo T map, Online doppler training (USA) and Smart V link comes under  single window.

System Required with following configuration

  • RAM – Minimum 4GB
  • Operating System- Windows 7/8/10 (Any version)

  • Hard Disk- Minimum 100GB

  • USB Port- Minimum 4 Ports

  • CD/DVD Drive

  • Microsoft Office 2007

  • Adobe Reader

  • Processor Speed P4 2.67GHz – Minimum

  • Color inkjet or color Laser Printer

  • LED/LCD Monitor with High Screen Resolution.


  • Single window operation

  • Windows 7/8/10 compatibility

  • All reports comes with interpretation
  • On line service/Technical support facility

  • Need not enter patient details for each test

  • Less space required


  • Reduce test time

  • Reduce staff resource

  • Track and monitor facility for patient

  • Accurate capture and reporting of patient data

  • Avoid duplications

  • Less hardware required