SGPGI 2024

Annual Conference of the  SGPGI Neurosurgery Foundation Day Celebration at Lucknow, India, from 19th to 21st April 2024.

KODYMEDICAL offers a Handheld dopplers with good discount towards #SGPGI Neurosurgery foundation day, Annual conference and celebration under the theme #Vascular #Neurosurgery making complex easier.

These Dopplers provide crucial, cost-effective intraoperative neurovascular dopplers and intraoperative probes. In order to eliminate the injury of carotid arteries and observing the patency of arteries during Endoscopic Neurosurgical procedures,

Pituitary Tumour extirpation ( Nasally- Transphenoidal ) procedure

To assess the trace of Carotid artery in Endoscopic Skullbase Endonasal Transphenoidal Surgery and Pituitary Tumour Decompression.

You can sterilise the aforementioned intraoperative probes using ETO or STERRAD, and after 45 to 50 cycles, you can reuse them once more.

It also saves time and money by minimising the injuries and also the need for angiograms while also confirming the outcomes of surgical intervention during surgeries.

Avail and get benefited.

SGPGI Foundation Day