The Andrology Section Of Urology Society Of India, from 18th to 19th November 2023.

KODYS discounts Vascular Dopplers used in Andro / Uro surgery and Urology. It has two different applications for treating infertility. The applications are listed below:

1. For observation of blood flow in Penile study /Urology :

To assess the blood flow details in the cavernosal artery pre and post-erectile phase in the penis for identifying sexual dysfunction. Dopplers are used to find the level of blood flow pre and post-erectile phase. If the flow velocity is less than 30cm/sec, there might exist a condition towards sexual dysfunction. Standard 8 MHz Probe used with Bidop ES100V3, Bidop 7 and Smartdop 45.

2. For observation of blood flow in Varicocelectomy : (Uro/Andro surgery)

To locate and preserve the testicular artery while performing a Microscopic subinguinal varicocelectomy procedure.

Our Dopplers are used in the above procedures. We look forward and invite you to visit our stall to view our Dopplers and Intraoperative Doppler Probes.

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