Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor (tcpo2)

Accurate mapping of the measuring site

The TCM400 is the only portable monitor to provide up to six
simultaneous measurements of transcutaneous oxygen tension

The more measurement sites, the more information for the
clinician. Together, the measurements provide an accurate
mapping of the site and thus a better foundation for diagnosing
and deciding on the most appropriate course of treatment.

The TCM400 is easy to use and allows you to extract more
information from your measurements and to make the most of
your time.


Multichannel monitor

Always ready

Make the most of information


Data storage and output options

Hard-copy documentation

TCM400 reports can easily be printed to provide you with the
necessary documentation of your measurements. You can print
information as viewed on screen, saving you time and removing
the risk of errors associated with handwritten reports. The
Patient DMS enables you to simply mark the sessions of your
patients that you wish to print out and all the data is then sent
to the printer. You can connect a standard USB printer to the


Convenient storage and transfer of data

The internal memory ensures storage of measurement information for later review or printout. Data can also be exported to
a database, spreadsheet application or dedicated PC software
for further analysis and report generation. The memory function stores up to 48 hours of accumulated measuring data,
which can be recalled whenever it is needed. The only way data
is automatically deleted is when the memory is full. In order to
store a new session, the oldest session will be deleted.

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