Kodys introduced various kinds of originally designed Medical Equipment by the KODYS R&D Team (Recognized by Government of India)

  • Introduced Ultrasound Scan from Fukuda Denshi, Japan

  • Introduced Ultrasound Color Doppler from VingMed

  • Introduced Pulse oximeter from Novametrix, USA

  • 1978: Incorporated Kody Medical Electronics Private Limited

  • 1979: Developed and Introduced ECG machine KODY GRAPG-I

  • 1980: Developed India’s first and Introduced TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)

  • 1985:  Developed and Introduced Cardiac Monitor KODY TRACE

  • 1986: Developed India’s first and Introduced VASLAB (Vascular Doppler Recorder) and PCR (Pressure Cuff Recorder)

  • 1987: Introduced Fetal and Vascular Doppler from Imex Medical Systems, USA

  • 1988: Developed India’s first and Introduced Interferential Therapy (IFT) KODYTRON

  • 1990: Developed and Introduced Gynec TENS, Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

  • 1992: Developed and Introduced S2R2 Meter (Skin Sympathetic Resistance Reflex Meter)

  • 1994: Developed and Introduced Muscle Stimulator with Iontophoresis

  • 2003: Introduced Automatic Vascular Doppler from HadecoInc, Japan

  • 2012: Developed Podo I Mat (Foot Scan) and Podo T Map (Foot Temperature) Software

  • 2013: Developed and Introduced Biothesiometer BIOTHEZI-VPT

  • 2013: Introduced India’s first Integrated Software for all Foot Care Test KODYS FOOT CLINIC

  • 2013: Introduced Automatic 4 Motor Podiatric Chair

  • 2014: Introduced Diabetic Neuropathy Detector MONOFILAMENT

  • 2015: Introduced Fully Automatic 14 Ports Vascular Dopplerfrom HadecoInc, Japan

  • 2016: Introduced Full Automatic 6 Ports Vascular Dooplerfrom HadecoInc, Japan

  • 2016: Introduced Digital Blood Volume Flow Meter DVM 4500 from HadecoInc, Japan