Vascular Doppler DVM 4500 Probe Device Featured on NHK WORLD-JAPAN

The DVM 4500 Probe Device

The DVM 4500 Probe Device is a bidirectional Doppler with large colour touchscreen. It has a Windows-based simple touch operation and 2-probe combinations for 4, 5, 8, 10, 20 MHz, & PPG. 

The DVM 4500 probe device finds application in vascular surgery, neurovascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and transplant surgery.

What makes the DVM-4500 an effective probe?

A bidirectional Doppler measures the presence of blood flow by Doppler shift and identifies the positive and negative directions of blood flow. It helps doctors identify whether the direction of blood flow is away from the probe or towards it and hence the name bidirectional Doppler.

The device uses outphaser technology – it simultaneously separates forward and backward flow signals by comparing phases and passes them on through two separate channels.

This results in artefact-free registration of arterial signals that have venous signals superimposed on them and vice versa.

This device is well suited to qualitatively assess blood flow based on secondary parameters such as shape of the curve, direction of flow or diastolic deflection.

Application in Neurosurgery

With the appropriate choice of probe, this instrument can play a major role in blood flow detection and assessment in neurosurgical procedures like aneurysm clipping, bypass surgery, carotid endarterectomy, tumourectomy, and pituitary tumour decompression.

This extremely useful surgical aid from Kody Medical Electronics, Chennai, India, was used by the famous Japanese neurosurgeon Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa and featured in the program “The Last Samurai of the Far North: Tanikawa Rokuya, Neurosurgeon” on NHK WORLD-JAPAN on October 9, 2022 in the show The Professionals.

Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa

Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa is one of the most influential neurosurgeons in the world. He has successfully performed complicated surgeries for numerous diseases that were considered untreatable elsewhere.  The surgical skills of this surgeon, who can preserve even the thinnest of blood vessels in the course of a long-drawn neurosurgery, are world renowned.

Use of the Hadeco Neurosurgical Probe with DVM-4500 During Surgery

Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa recently performed one of the most difficult aneurysm clipping surgeries and used the Hadeco neurosurgical probe with DVM-4500 during the course of the surgery. This seems to have aided the surgeon and contributed to successful results for the patient.

Can We Watch NHK World's The Professionals in India?

Live usage of the instrument by Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa during the aneurysm clipping procedure can be watched in the footage of the TV show from the following link:

How Can I buy a Hadeco DVM-4500 Neurosurgical Probe in India?

You can purchase this extremely useful and incredible product from the Kody Medical Electronics online store at , or place your order by email or in person.

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